The UPA Values Awards are about celebrating students who exemplify the qualities that contribute to creating the community we have all come to honor and cherish. The young women and men we are highlighting today have demonstrated through their actions that success is more about how we live than what we accomplish. The University Preparatory Academy is not only preparing students to succeed in the best colleges and universities in the country, but they will make a positive impact while doing so.

Please join us in celebrating our UPA Value Award recipients.

Attached is our flyer that lists all of our recipients, honorable mentions, and some special awards!

UPA Value Awards Program

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Time stamps

– Mr. Porter opening: 0:05
– 7th grade awards: 4:54
– 8th grade awards: 8:04
– 9th grade awards: 12:02
– 10th grade awards: 15:37
– 11th grade awards: 19:12
– 12th grade awards: 22:57