UPA is proud to partner with an excellent community resource meant to specifically support UPA parents and caregivers.

Parent Guidance—supported by the Cook Center for Human Connection–is a FREE resource that offers a “library of courses developed by leading mental health experts” and “offers much hope, many answers and compassionate help.”

Explore the website and discover what might benefit YOU as a parent or caregiver. Highlights from the site include “Ask a Therapist” and confidential 1:1 Parent Coaching to support families in helping their students thrive.

Below are recordings and resources from all eight sessions of Parent University held monthly throughout the 2022-2023 school year.
SEPTEMBER: “Building Your Child’s Confidence” Watch here Passcode: VM8!n1%
OCTOBER: “Your Child’s Anxiety and Depression” Watch here Passcode: xKrg?^0h
NOVEMBER & MARCH: “Understanding the Impact of Academic Stress” (View here, hosted by UPA’s Mental Wellness Team)
DECEMBER: “The Warning Signs of Device Addiction” Watch here Passcode: 7+ZUmCd0
JANUARY: “Establishing Healthy Boundaries” Watch here Passcode: 6$AF!P?+
FEBRUARY: “Bullying – Stop the Cycle” Watch here Passcode: b@U@04S%
APRIL: “De-escalating Cycles of Conflict” Watch here Passcode: 6Y#^ta3a

And don’t forget to explore Parent Coaching, available to all UPA families free of charge. Also hosted by Parent Guidance, this resource provides confidential 1:1 coaching for UPA parents and caregivers. You will be matched with a trained, specialized and certified coach who can give you the tools to be a better parent/caregiver, along with the accountability structure and consistency needed to stay on track. Your coach will share insight, energy and validation into your personal family challenges… day-to-day, week-to-week, even year-to-year, when you feel too stuck, too alone or too exhausted. Learn more at https://CookCenter.info/GetCoaching.