UPA welcomes and supports all students!

Here are some of the ways we do it.

Mental Health Counseling

UPA offers free social and emotional health counseling to students in need. A balance of physical, social, and emotional health is essential for student wellbeing and imperative for success at home, school, and in life.

Student Self Referral 

Parent/Staff Referral

English and Math Support (Middle School and High School)

Support class teachers work with the core subject teacher to best prepare students to succeed in their classes academic core classes. Based on set criteria, students are invited to join our English or Math Support class in 7th – 10th grade.

RESH 180

RESH students use purpose thinking tools to increase academic performance and learn skills to navigate set backs disappointments, and challenges. The class meets once a week to improve mental and behavioral health while focusing on developing a positive perspective.


Our Link Crew and WEB program offers an orientation to all incoming 7th and 9th graders run by UPA teachers and high school students. It provides students an opportunity to meet fellow classmates and learn about the school.


Grow helps students master study skills including assignment awareness, management, and organization. The class assists students in setting goals, organizing, and customizing a personal plan to make learning more comfortable and rewarding.


Seminar is a schoolwide class created and planned by UPA teachers to help students better understand personal learning styles and challenges, be proactive about studies, and extend knowledge of college and career options.

Learn It After School Tutoring

Learn It is open four days a week (M-Th) after school to provide students with 1:1 peer and cross age tutoring.  All students welcome to drop in.

Tutor Request Form

For more information, contact Jean Mastrogiacomo at jmastrogiacomo@upatoday.com.