Dear UPA families,

Please join us for Parent University on Tuesday, Oct. 19 from 6 to 7 p.m. on Zoom. At this first Parent University session of the school year, experts will be available to answer your questions about a variety of programs, resources and opportunities offered at UPA.

Each breakout room will be open for a Q&A on the associated topic; no formal presentations will be given. This is a chance for parents and guardians to stop by the breakout rooms they are most interested in, ask questions, learn useful information, and leave when they are ready. Family members can visit as many or as few breakout rooms as they like. We hope to see you there!

Parent University Zoom Link:

¿Quién puede responder a las preguntas que tengo sobre la escuela? ¿Cómo puedo aprender más sobre las oportunidades para mi estudiante?
Visita la sala de Información en Español con el profesor Nico Mendoza. Todas las preguntas son bienvenidas.

How do I check my student’s grades in Schoology? How can I see their assignments and what is due? Can I directly message teachers?
Join Director of Curriculum and Instruction Matt Daugherty in the Schoology breakout room.

How can my child receive additional support to succeed academically? What UPA program would be most appropriate for what my student needs to improve their grades?
Meet with Director of Special Programs Jean Mastrogiacomo in the Academic Supports & Resources breakout room.

What resources are available to me as a guardian navigating new experiences with my student’s social or emotional health? What school resources are available if my student is feeling anxious, isolated or depressed?
Chat with Counselor Jill Buensucesco in the Student Well-Being & Mental Health Services breakout room.

What opportunities are there for my student to become more involved in school activities outside of class? How can my child find more friends and meet others with common interests?
Stop by the Student Activities & Involvement breakout room to talk with Director of Community Development Laura Gordon Reska.

How can I sign up for my child to receive a hot lunch every day? What are the food options for my student at UPA?
Drop in to the The Lunch Master breakout room with Support Services Specialist Makenna Welch.

What volunteer opportunities are there for me to get involved at UPA? What can I do to further support the school and our students?
Visit with PTSO President Julie Wong in the PTSO breakout room.

What can I expect for my student athlete this year? What sports programs does UPA offer? How can my child join a UPA team?
Join Assistant Athletic Director Kevin Khuu in the Athletics breakout room.

What can I expect this year as a guardian of a 7th or 8th grade student? What are some common growing points I can expect my child to experience this year?
Chat with middle school teachers Claire Ballard (7) and Pablo Lopez (8) in the Middle School Life breakout room.

How does freshman year at UPA differ from the middle school experience? What common experiences can I expect for my student throughout the first year of high school?
Meet with 9th grade teacher Aislinn Reid in the New to High School breakout room.

Laura Gordon Reska
Director of Community Development
University Preparatory Academy