UPA is proud to offer a wide variety of courses that appeal to the interests of each student. All students take a college preparatory curriculum designed to exceed the minimum subject requirements of the University of California and California State University systems. We are proud to offer a personalized learning experience in a small school setting and have a teacher/student ratio of about 20:1. 

Student Life

The educational opportunities we offer our students goes beyond the learning that occurs during each period of the day. UPA helps our students become well rounded individuals by helping them explore their interests and support their talents. UPA provides a variety of co-curricular activities which give our students the opportunity to grow and become future leaders of our society.


UPA's athletic program strives to be a learning environment where students develop work ethic, citizenship, leadership, and team building skills necessary for success in all areas of their adult lives. Above all, we encourage all participants to put forth a winning effort, display the highest level of sportsmanship, and demonstrate respect for all. 

Welcome To UPA

UPA opened in 2007 with an enrollment of 192 total students and after years of continued growth, we currently have 570 students enrolled. UPA was designed on the premise that the students we seek to serve thrive best in a small school setting. Research shows that small schools allow students and teachers to develop supportive, long-term relationships that allow for better conditions for teaching and learning. Our objective is to enroll all students who are motivated and have a dream of going to a 4-year university and graduating with a 4-year degree, especially those students who may be under supported, overlooked, or under challenged in a large school environment, and would thrive in a highly intensive, supportive, and interpersonal environment.

Congratulations Class of 2014!

On May 31st 2014, UPA graduated another class of seniors. They were the fourth set of seniors to proudly walk off the stage toward adulthood. Many of these seniors pioneered and founded clubs, academic/social organizations, and helped pave the way for a successful athletics program. These seniors made a lasting impact and their legacy will reverberate throughout the halls of UPA forever. Congratulations class of 2014! Remember you have the power to change the world! Do good, and do it often.

Upcoming UPA Events

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

National Teacher Appreciation Week is just around the corner (Monday, May 4- Friday, May 8)  and we are going to start it off with a teacher/ staff luncheon on Friday, May 1st!

We would appreciate the donation of you time, goods or cash to go towards this special occasion.  Please look over the sign-up sheet and let us know how you can help!

Click here to donate to the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

Please consider "adopting" a teacher (or three) for a day or two the week of May 4- May 8th!

Click here to adopt-a-teacher during Teacher Appreciation Week

Please contact with questions or for more information.

Web and LINK Crew

Calling all student leaders! If you would like to join WEB or LINK CREW for the 2015-2016 school year, please download and turn in your application to Ms. Dietrich or Ms. Sanine. 

2015-2016 WEB/LINK Application


The PTSO is looking for volunteers! Adopt-a-teacher and earn community service hours at the same time! Click the link below.

Adopt-a-teacher's Birthday

The Nest Homework Club Now Open!

All students are invited to The Nest to finish homework before and after school. Students that remain on campus after 4:30 will be required to attend The Nest until they are picked up. The schedule is listed below:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday before school from 7:10AM-8:10AM and every day after school from 4:00PM-5:30PM and 2:00PM-3:30PM on Thursday 

School Uniform Information

To order a school uniform from our local vendor, please download the form here. 

Purchase uniforms online and pick them up in the store. Click Here.

VIP Embroidery

2149 Stone Avenue, Suite#2, San Jose, CA. 95125

(408) 971-6601

Cheer Donation

In order to make a donation, please click here.

Annual Giving

In order to make a donation, please click here.

Parents, Have You Signed Up For Schoology?

Schoology is the name of the company that hosts the UPA grading tool. Schoology provides us with a web based platform that allows parents and students to keep up to date with their current grades. Parents, when you create an account, you will be able to monitor your student's progress throughout the semester. If you have yet to create an account or if you need troubleshooting tips, please contact our Technology Director Tom Guevara at or our Director of Instruction Matt Daugherty at